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In South Carolina

SC_beeyard.jpg (157786 bytes)
A South Carolina bee yard in early May; Bees were prepared to go to local
melon and cuke pollination, which we have discontinued.

nucs.jpg (129989 bytes)

  Making nucs (small starter hives) is part of the spring work. Think of them as the "calf" from the "pregnant cows" - the hives that have overwintered in South Carolina. This is early April. Some of the nucs will go north for sale to beekeepers, mostly to replace winter losses. Others will be sold to South Carolina beekeepers or will be kept  to use for requeening pollination hives.
   Each of the nucs will require a new queen. Some of our queens are purchased and shipped here in battery boxes. Each plastic cage in the box below has a queen in it. The worker bees that cluster around and over the cages will stay because of the odor of these vigorous young queens.

   Other queens are reared here in our operation. For more on grafting queen cells click here.

Making nucs in 2001
Making nucs in 2002

batterybox.jpg (107156 bytes)

unloaded.jpg (44911 bytes)   Nucs distributed in a hay field prior to loading for the trip north.

Loading for the trip North


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