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Bees for Sale, Spring 2012

If you have never kept bees, please read this advisory for new beekeepers before you order

Nucs are sold Out. Please book early next year

    Nucs are small starter hives that many keepers use to begin beekeeping, or to increase the number of hives they own. The majority of the nucs available for sale in the US are made in the South, so they can be done early, and have time to build into full strength hives.

   Other beekeepers order package bees from the South. Package bees are easier to transport, but slower to establish in the hive. Nucs arrive with a queen already accepted and laying, and brood rearing is already underway.

   Our nucs are made in South Carolina, where the warm Gulf Stream, along the coast, brings an early spring. They are ready for pickup in early May in Norwich, NY. They will have brood on three frames.

   These nucs are prepared from healthy bees, using high quality queens. All are treated with Fumidol B for nosema.

   Please be sure, if you install them in a deadout hive from last year, that you check for foulbrood scale first, so that these healthy bees will not become infected from contaminated equipment. We strongly recommend that any frames of comb with past foubrood be burned to stop the spread of disease. This is simply good hygiene; all beekeepers will have an occasional case of foulbrood, but good beekeepers will not allow its spread. The bees are also treated for varroa mites.


Kutik's Honey Farm
285 Lyon Brook Rd. Norwich, NY  13815   607-336-4105, Fax: 607-336-4199
(February through May, we are usually in South Carolina 803-473-4205)

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