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  Family owned and operated since 1977, Kutik's Honey Farm, located in Norwich, NY began with two bee hives received as a Christmas present. As his apiary grew, Chuck Kutik soon recognized the difficulty of wintering bees in upstate New York.

  In 1980 he moved 30 colonies to South Carolina for the winter, thus joining a unique fraternity of Northeastern migratory beekeepers. Each spring many of the hives are brought back to New York for apple crop pollination in the Lake Ontario orchard belt, then to honey production locations in the Mohawk Valley region. Starting in 2001, Chuck has begun pollination service for canteloupes, watermelons, cucumbers and squash in South Carolina's vegetable belt. Chuck has also overwintered in Florida, and maintains close ties with several Florida beekeepers

  The extraction and bottling operation was begun in 1979, and features minimal processing to maintain high quality standards. The honey is only heated enough to pump and strain, not to the temperatures commonly used in supermarket honey. The result is a full-bodied taste, preserving all the God-given and healthful properties of nature's oldest sweetener.

   Starting in 2002, we are adding more facilities to educate visitors, especially school classes, about the marvelous honeybee.




Kutik's Honey Farm
285 Lyon Brook Rd. Norwich, NY  13815   607-336-4105, Fax: 607-336-4199
(February through May, we are usually in South Carolina 803-473-4205)