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   Our base location is in the rolling hills of south central New York. This is the area where much of our honey is produced. We also have a second home for the bees in the winter, in coastal South Carolina, where the winters are mild and spring is early.

nyheadquarters.jpg (401086 bytes)    At our headquarters in Norwich, we are just starting the season with a load of bees just arrived from South Carolina. Our business is migratory, as are most commercial beekeepers. We have had bees at one time or another in New York, New Jersey, South Carolina and Florida.


  When we aren't busy with the bees, we are working on improvements such as this addition to the honey house.

additionhoneyhouse.jpg (72061 bytes)

   We enjoy it so much, we "burn the midnight oil."

additionhoneyhouse2.jpg (362623 bytes)

Kutik's Honey Farm
285 Lyon Brook Rd. Norwich, NY  13815   607-336-4105, Fax: 607-336-4199
(February through May, we are usually in South Carolina 803-473-4205)

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