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January 25, 2012

Preparing for a cross-country trip to California almond pollination

By David L. Green, writer and photographer (Copyright 2012 - no reproduction without permission)

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A closeup of the brood frame shows a beautiful pattern of sealed brood (bee pupae), surrounded by maple nectar, surrounded by pollen, with some sealed honey in the corners.

Closeup of a fine brood frame

Kutik's operation now raises most of their own queens, for the best possible quality.

A little smoke

A little smoke helps calm the bees. It also pushes them down, so they won't get mashed when the cover is replaced. The bees were fairly gentle, even though this was a massive overhaul by a crew that was taking apart and reassembling every pallet in the yard.

Another powerhose hive

Another powerhouse hive!

Work characterized by rhythm and flow.

The job takes teamwork and the crew gets into a rhythm as they work.

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