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January 25, 2012

Preparing for a cross-country trip to California almond pollination

By David L. Green, writer and photographer (Copyright 2012 - no reproduction without permission)

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Special care must also be taken to avoid any fire ants hiding in crevices or under the pallet. All hives are moved off the pallets and set on the covers.

Moving hives off pallet

 The heft of the hive is an important measurement of its strength. Also a healthy hive has a sweet smell, while any off odors may be a sign of a weak or sick hive.

Pallet removed

The pallet is removed to go back to the shop for pressure washing.

Feeders are kept in the hives

Feeders are kept in the hives, and high quality corn syrup is fed to the bees in preparation for moves, or for making up nucs. Also pollen patties are kept on the bees during the off season. This prevents any winter starvation, and keeps the hives in tiptop shape for maxium quality of pollination.

Treat for fire ants

A granular insecticide is applied under the pallets for fire ants, and an "X" frame is placed down to raise the pallet off the ground. A new or pressure-washed pallet is used for replacement, and all hives are brushed down, especially in the hand holds, to clean any possible hiding spots where fire ants could hitch a ride.

Check brood frame

A nice frame of sealed brood in the middle of winter is evidence of a powerful queen.

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